Transcription and transliteration

Transcription transformation

Enter here text in old conventions like Mäḥalǝyä mäḥalǝy or Ǝsṭifanos then click anywhere.

For cases like Ba-Ḫayla Mikāʾel you will be prompted to confirm the substitution.

This is the text with the current transcription conventions, like Maḥālǝya maḥālǝy or ʾƎsṭifānos

Rules applied

    • ä a
    • a ā
    • ṣ́
    • ˀ ʾ
    • ˁ ʿ
  1. ʾ is added if the input starts with a vowel
  2. If the first vowel is a in the old transcription this is kept as it is.
  3. For possible prepositions you will be asked if an hyphen is needed. The following prepositions are recognized AFTER the first step is performed:
    • wa
    • Wa
    • ba
    • Ba
    • ya
    • Ya
    • za
    • Za
    • la
    • La
    • ka
    • Ka
    • ʾǝm"
    The list can be expanded upon request in a proper ticket.
  4. If the possible preposition is followed by two consonants it will be assumed it is no preposition


  • Mäṣḥetä amin Maṣḥeta ʾamin
  • Śǝrʿatä abäw Śǝrʿāta ʾabaw
  • aʿǝban ʾaʿǝbān
  • ǝmqalatä ʾǝm-qālāta
  • Bärtolomewos Bartolomewos
  • Bärbara Barbārā

close More rules are welcome! Please write a new ticket. New Ticket


Enter here fidal or transcription

You will get here the other of the two.